Margaret  Derwent  Ketcham

An Ongoing Education

"Look" is the first word I remember ever reading. The o's looked like eyes. I am still working at truly "looking" in order to be able to "see".

E D U C A T I O N   &   A S S O C I A T E D   A C T I V I T I E S

1985 University of Notre Dame, Bachelor of Architecture 5 year professional degree-Professors Norman Crowe, Steve Hurtt, Richard Wesley,  Ambrose Richardson

  • 1979-1984 University of Notre Dame, Architecture Library, student assistant-Ms. Geri Decker, Librarian and Ms. Joan Gallagher, artist

  • 1983 University of Notre Dame, Rome Studies Program-Professors Frank Montana, Jeffrey Blanchard, Gloria Sama, Roger Sherwood

  • 1983 University of Notre Dame, Rome Studies Program, Catacombs Archaeological Documentation, student assistant- Professor Gabriel Bertonniere

  • 1983, 1984 University of Notre Dame, Architecture Summer Session Instructor-Professor Kenneth Featherstone

  • 1984 University of Notre Dame, College of Engineering, grant proposal illustrations

  • 1984-1985 University of Notre Dame, Publications Office, graphic design assistant

  • graphic design posters for Student Lecture Series, Collegiate Jazz Festival, Beaux Arts Ball

1989-present 2018  Architectural Juror, 35+ juries at the University of Notre Dame. others at SAIC, UIC, Andrews University

1996 University of Notre Dame, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Fourth Year Architectural Design Studio,-Dean and Professor Thomas Gordon Smith


1998 Field Museum Drawing-Ms. Peggy McNamara, artist

1999 "Painting and Architecture" lecture, Andrews University-Professor Philip Bess

E M P L O Y M E N T    &   L I C E N S U R E

1984-1985 Intern, Hurtt Kenrick & Associates - Mr. Steve Hurtt and Mr. Thomas Kenrick

1988-2016 Architectural Licensure State of Illinois, # 001012377 active renewable 2018

1985-1997 Architect, Booth/Hansen & Associates, Ltd., Chicago, IL- Mr. Laurence Booth and  Mr. Paul Hansen

Booth/Hansen Projects, Awards, Publications

  • 1986 Old St. Patrick's Church Master Plan, Chicago, IL

  • 1987 North Pier Terminal, Chicago, IL

  • 1988 Motorola Museum of Electronics, Schaumburg, IL

  • 1989 Oak Brook Bank, Oak Brook, IL

  • 1990 Architectural Record magazine, April issue, "Gateway to a Revived Waterfront" (North Pier Terminal, Chicago, IL)

  • 1991 PCI Precast Concrete Institute, Certificate of Special Recognition for creative design utilizing precast concrete (Oak Brook Bank, Oak Brook, IL)

  • 1991 School of Education, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

  • 1991 Architecture magazine, December issue, "Corporate Signal" (Motorola Museum of Electronics, Schaumburg, IL)

  • 1991 "New Chicago Architecture" exhibit, The Chicago Athenaeum, January-March, Items: site model, lobby model, lobby rendering (Oak Brook Bank, Oak Brook, IL)

  • 1992 Illinois Indiana Masonry Excellence in Masonry Silver Medal for excellence in masonry design (Motorola Museum of Electronics, Schaumburg, IL)

  • 1992 Old St. Patrick's Church Social Hall, Chicago, IL

  • 1993 "Chicago Architecture and Design, 23-93: Reconfiguration of an American Metropolis" exhibit, The Art Institute of Chicago, June-August, Items: cat. #571-"Fox Residence', #413-'Oak Brook Bank", #356-"Motorola Museum of Electronics"

  • 1993 Auditorium Theater Arcade, Chicago, IL

  • 1994 Old St. Patrick's Church exterior restoration, Chicago, IL

  • 1995 Archives of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • 1996 Old St. Patrick's Church interior restoration, Chicago, IL

  • 1996 AIA Chicago Citation of Merit Interior Architecture Award for Excellence in Architecture (Old St. Patrick's Church Hall, Chicago, IL)

  • 1997 Garfield Park Conservatory Master Plan, Chicago, IL

  • 1997 Marquette Park Master Plan, Chicago, IL

  • 1997 Garfield Park Conservatory Entrance Pavilion, Chicago, IL

  • 1997 AIA Chicago Firm of the Year Award, Booth/Hansen & Associates, Ltd.

  • 2001 Architectural Record magazine, January issue, "Old St. Patrick's Church Renovation" by Blair Kamin, (Old St. Patrick's Church, Chicago, IL)

  • 2002 AIA Honor Award Interiors (Old St. Patrick's Church, Chicago, IL)

  • various residences (Farley, Guthman, Ehrlich, Fox), interiors ( IHDA, Latham & Watkins, Haworth showroom)

P E R S O N A L   W O R K   E X H I B I T E D (all group shows)

  • 1989 WIMSA competition entry (2 boards) National Building Museum, Washington, DC

  • 1990 "Competitions x 3" , (2 boards) Penn State, Vpi, NIAE NYC, UVA, UT at Arlington

  • 1993 "National Design Competition for the Michigan VMC", Michigan Library Rotunda, Lansing, MI

  • 1997 "Travel Sketches-Rome" (12 painting series), Chicago Architectural Club, Chicago, IL

  • 1997 "Art by Architects", (1 painting), Fisher Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

1995 Image development for film, Wachowski Brothers for Warner Brothers

P E R S O N A L   C O M P E T I T I O N S

  • 1989 WIMSAF Memorial, Washington, DC- $10,000 finalist prize with project design partner, Mr.Stephen Siegle

  • 1990 Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Washington, DC

  • 1993 Michigan Vietnam Veterans Memorial Monument, Lansing, MI

  • 1998 Gabriel Prize -$15,000 prize and winner (declined for personal reasons) - Mr. George Parker

P O S T   E M P L O Y M E N T   1 9 9 9 - current

1999-2018 Stay at home mom with drawing/painting/design on the side

V O L U N T E E R    W O R K 

  • EDC, Chicago, IL (Edgewater Development Corporation) - Mr. Adam Burck

  • 48th Ward, Chicago, IL - Alderman Mary Ann Smith, Alderman Harry Osterman

  • NCA (Northside Catholic Academy)- Principal Debbie Sullivan

  • St. Gertrude Church - Mr. Walter Pophin, Ms. Marge Argyelan

W O R K   E X H I B I T E D  (all group shows)

  • 1999 "The Chicago Art Scene" (4 paintings), Belloc Lowndes Gallery, Chicago,

  • 1999 "Art by Architects" (6 painting series), Anatomically Correct at Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago, IL

  • 2001 "Under Contract" (3 painting series), Anatomically Correct at Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago, IL

  • 2008 "Members' Exhibition" (3 paintings Villa Cornaro), University Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • 2008 "Italian Dressing: Palladio & American Classicism" (5 paintings Villa Cornaro), Virginia Center for Architecture, Richmond, VA

C O N S U L T A N T   D E S I G N   C O M M I S S I O N S - p r e c a s t    c o n c r e t e

  • 2009 University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI, "Wisdom of Natvre" architectural'structural ornamental concrete panels commission (featuring a quartet of 4 native/ insect relationships in 4 unique panels designed, 80+ individual panels and set of 3 combination panels installed) - Mr. Stephen Siegle, AOR: VOA, Chicago, IL

  • 2010 Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL, "Music" architectural concrete panels competition and commission (featuring a triptych of music in languages and symbolic images designed and installed - Mr. Bau Graves, OTSFM; Mr. William Ketcham, AOR: VOA, Chicago, IL

  • 2012 Chicago Sun-Times, January 08, "Old Town School: A New Place to Play" by Dave Hoekstra (Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL) AOR: Mr. William Ketcham, VOA, Chicago, IL

  • 2012 Chicago Building Congress Merit Award for Construction Under $15m (Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL) AOR: Mr. William Ketcham, VOA, Chicago, IL


  • 2001 The Pentagon Memorial, Washington, DC

  • 2003 The World Trade Center Memorial, New York, Ny

  • 2011 The Eisenhower Memorial, Washington, DC

  • 2012 The AIDS Memorial, New York City, NY


  • 2007 Accepted to Palladio's Villa Cornaro Drawing Tour, Piombino Dese, Italy, Institute Classical Architecture & Art, NYC (ICAA) - Mr. Victor Deupi

  • 2008 Invited gratis Winterim Professional Intensive Program, ICAA, NY, NY - Mr. Paul Gunther

  • 2013-2016 Acanthus Awards formation and committee, ICAA Chicago-Midwest Chapter - Mr. Chris Derrick and Mr. Gary Ainge

  • 2018 Sketch leader through ICAA C-M Chapter for Traditional Building Conference, Oak Park, IL - Ms. Judy Hayward

  • 2018 Participated in ICAA Glessner House Measured Drawing - Mr. Steven Christman

  • 2018 Included in ICAA Classicist No. 15 p. 97 Continuing Education Glessner House Measured Drawing (2 drawings) - Mr. Steven Christman

  • 2018 Participated in ICAA Railroad Exhange Building Architectural Drawing and Wash Rendering - Mr. Anthony Baus